Services for private person

The detective agency Mallaun…carries out for you observations and investigations in the following private areas quickly and confidentially through:

Family matters

Partner fidelity

You are afraid your spouse or partner is cheating you. We discuss which signs your suspicion is based on and how to investigate your partner the best. According to the situation we decide the best investigation strategy, e.g. surveillance at certain times. You receive the results in a complete written report, possibly with additional photographs and video sequences.

Questions of maintenance

After a divorce the partner who cannot maintain themselves is almost always entitled to alimony. However, living conditions may change. New circumstances similar to marriage or incomes from a new job may reduce or even eliminate your ex-partner’s alimony.

If you assume that your former spouse hides or falsifies their actual life or income situation, we provide you with the necessary evidence.

Repatriation of children

Has your ex-partner taken away the child in common from you? Either the child has been taken to an unknown place in Austria or the child in common is being hidden in your ex-partner’s country, perhaps at a boarding school or at your ex-partner’s friends or relatives’. Austrian authorities usually have little or no legal competence in this field, so that such negotiations between domestic and foreign authorities often last months, even years. We help you to return your child to you.

Child endangerment

The custody right of the child in common was granted to your ex-partner after the divorce. You do not know exactly whether your children are in fact looked after. Or you are afraid the new companion of your ex-partner exerts a negative influence on the children. We investigate and document the actual situation in the living environment of the children.

Evidences & Analytics

Procurement of evidence

You need evidence, because you, your personal property or your corporate assets have been damaged. In order to take the case to court all facts must be well-investigated and accurately documented. We guarantee you this working method.

DNA testing

The DNA testing is also used to determine paternity. Within few days we can establish if there is a relationship with the aid of hair, body fluids, napkins or other materials.

We keep the DNA evidence properly and bring it to a laboratory in order to analyse it quickly.

Location of missing persons

You would like to know where a certain person is or you need important contact details. Due to many years of experience we have at our disposal extensive search possibilities which enable the locating.

Security & Lawsuit


Criminologists call stalking the phenomenon in which both men and women shower their victims with declarations of love by phone, e-mail, fax or sms. It is decisive that the stalker annoys, pursues and threatens their victims substantially.

In most cases this problem is solved when we talk seriously to the offender; when not, we collect evidence to take legal actions against the stalker.

Personal security

In our society the need for private security increases more and more. Rising crime rates and above all the constantly rising willingness to use violence in crimes make people feel unconfident. The basic need of man for security, right, order and protection from dangers is an investment for many people –in professional and private life, at work and at home.

We provide you with an Austrian several-times judo (translated “the gentle path”) champion, an extraordinary professional bodyguard.

Injury and calumny

If you need evidence to prove someone has been spreading slander about you, our detective agency is your reliable partner. Honour-injuring factual statements before the affected person are not slander but an injury. A calumny occurs where the person who spreads untrue statements knows these are false.

Fraud, theft and damage

Do you suspect you are being deceived or stolen or that your property is being destroyed? But your fears alone are not enough. You need evidence in order to take civil or criminal action against the offender(s). We help you!

Neighbour disputes

Unfortunately, neighbour disputes often happen. They sometimes degenerate into such an extent that exceeds the limits of tolerance. The reasons for a neighbour dispute are diverse, but they are sometimes unfathomable.

We collect evidence for you in order to take legal actions against your neighbours.

Investigation of debtors

There are more and more people who refuse to pay their debts. We know that not anybody can afford to overlook it. There is also a problem in some cases: many clients of us accumulate such customers. Debts in the region of three to five figure sums cannot be viewed as insignificant.

We can investigate where the debtor is. If you wish, we can also investigate for you if attachable assets are in their possession.