Initial information and consultation is cost-free!

Please note that in certain court-pending cases (divorces, proven sick leave abuse, operating espionage, etc.…) it is possible that the causer (liable party) refunds the complete fee in the course of a recourse procedure.

For private detectives the remuneration is usually based on a combination of the hourly rate and the effort invested.

Expenses (mileage allowance, bar displays, etc.) are clearly presented in written form to document the cost control in every detail for the client.

As a rule, we can therefore determine the costs only after a personal consulting, when the facts have been analysed and the procedure ways have been discussed.

In some cases it is possible to offer you a fixed lump sum for our work.

As a respectable enterprise we reject both unjustified exorbitant fees and the dumping of prices. The latter leads inevitably to a loss of quality (in the choice of staff and the assigned technology) and this would conclude with unsatisfactory results charged to you ultimately.