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There is rarely an occupation, which is as interesting and varied as the one of the professional detective. It also requires, however, above-average conditions. Absolute physical fitness is indispensable. Absolute physical fitness is a basic condition. The professional detective is rarely involved in physical arguments; nevertheless martial arts like e.g. judo have the advantage of training mind and body. Considered and fast acting at the same time is very important. Patience, perseverance and empathy are absolutely necessary characteristics.

A very good general education, a confident behaviour as well as sovereign manners are a requirement to communicate with the most different social classes.

This is particularly important with undercover contracts, in which the detective slips into a certain role. In addition, the professional detective must be able to detect and examine the problem to clear up mentally demanding cases like economic offences.

Obviously, the detective must know all about legal fields as well. In principle the detective does not have any more rights before the law than every normal fellow citizen. In order not to exceed these rights, a good knowledge of criminal and civil right is necessary. The professional detective belongs to the circle “of the particularly reliable persons”.


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The practice of the business as a self-employed professional detective is regulated under the Austrian laws regulating commercial and industrial business (GewO 1994) in § 129 (1):


the distribution of information on private conditions,


. the collection of evidence about criminal actions,


the procurement of evidence for judicial or administrative procedures,


the investigation of missing or hidden persons, the author, writer or sender of anonymous letters, the author or propagator of slanders, suspicions or offences,


the observation and control of the loyalty of employees,


the observation of customers in business premises,


the protection of persons,


the tracing of devices used to record image and sound illegally, of electronically stored data and the associated preventive measures Z 2 remains untouched by this regulation.

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