The detective agency Mallaun… carries out for you observations and investigations in the following economic areas quickly and confidentially through:

Employer & Employee

Illicit word

Are you afraid your employee has an unauthorised second occupation? Do they use perhaps your company vehicle, your equipment or even your materials? In this case we can find out the facts with specific observations for you.

Sick leave verification

Every ill employee has right to get better peacefully. But sometimes arises the suspicion the illness is feigned. Do you suspect that an employee on sick leave goes swimming, skiing or works at the same time? Or do you detect that the employee is repeatedly absent on those days which extend the weekend?

We investigate with discrete observations in the direct environment if the sick note is justified. Our complete reports, possibly with additional photographs and video sequences, provide you with evidence at a labour court.

Infiltration of employees

You suspect goods are produced in your company (e.g. in the stock area) out of the building; but you cannot provide concrete evidence to confirm this suspicion, or not know which employee(s) are responsible for it.

We infiltrate one of our detectives into your enterprise, who will move without hindrance in the operating facilities in order to identify the offender or to locate the whereabouts of the goods.

Unauthorised second job

Enterprises are economically damaged by their own employees through all their sectors again and again. Not everyone behaves as correctly as the employer had actually expected. Providing conclusive evidence is nearly impossible for you as a company owner or superior. We offer you the suitable methods.

Unfair competition

Does your competitor advertise their products or services with misleading or false information to attract clients? Are your employees systematically enticed away? As a consequence, you lose a lot of qualified staff and cannot accept new contracts. Does a former employee of yours use their know-how in their new company? We collect evidence in order to be able to demand any compensation.


Brand piracy

Our investigation specialists and mystery shoppers support you with testable materials when fighting against brand piracy and pirate copies. We employ concealed operatives, which leads ultimately to organised dealers and manufacturers – who concentrate on the maximum profits. We ensure you the necessary evidence.

Fraud, theft and embezzlement

Do you suspect that you are deceived or stolen or that someone embezzles your things? But your fears alone are not enough. You need evidence in order to take civil or criminal action against the offender(s). We help you!

Rent disputes

We can provide you with information about factual usage relationships in the field of rent law. The inappropriate usage or an unauthorised sublease or transfer would be the appropriate starter points. The examination of the behaviour of tenants, who contribute for example to the contamination or damage of the real estate, is also conceivable.

Insurance fraud

Insurance fraud generates serious damages yearly.  Is the employee ill really for so long, do they receive the sick pay or other insurance and continue building their house? Do they receive twice or three times as much money from different contracts and you must pay? We investigate and ensure you evidence if you have the suspicion that someone is taking advantage of you or that you have to furnish services which are not necessary and are considered as a fraud.

Our employees experienced in criminal work can prove an insurance fraud in the context of criminological investigations. The transfer of the offenders upon confirmation of the facts goes without saying.

Industrial espionage /sabotage

Industrial espionage and sabotage cost enterprises high amounts of money and lead in the worst case to complete losses of production. In order to receive compensation, you must know the offender. We offer you our professional assistance.

By sabotage one understands the intentional disturbance of an economic operational sequence. Such acts of sabotage may come from outside, but from the own employees as well.

Our experienced detectives help you if unexplainable operational disturbances paralyse your enterprise again and again. As undercover investigators or with a hidden closed circuit television we can carry out observations specifically for you. You receive exact, well-investigated evidence.


Personal security

In our society the need for private security increases more and more. Rising crime rates and above all the constantly rising willingness to use violence in crimes make people feel unconfident. The basic need of man for security, right, order and protection from dangers is an investment for many people –in professional and private life, at work and at home.

We provide you with an Austrian several-times judo (translated “the gentle path”) champion, an extraordinary professional bodyguard.

Protection from eavesdropping

Modern bugging devices become more and more inconspicuous and efficient thanks to the technical progress. You have hardly an opportunity to protect yourself from eavesdropping without professional assistance. That is valid both for business and for the private sector. We ensure you protection from eavesdropping.

Creation of security analysis

Vulnerabilities in the enterprise are not often detected or they are but too late! The so-called “organisational blindness” arises from well-experienced processes throughout years. When a potential offender –who may come both from outside and from inside– knows these weak points, opportunity often makes the thief.